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With over 80% of practices being sold to the initial corporate approach, many practices are missing out on their final exit price.
Final price variations can be 25- 100% more than the initial offer if the practice sale is handled in a professional way by a team the understands the veterinary market - speak to The VBA without any obligation and see how we can help maximise the return on your practice.

With the advance of the corporate practices the market has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, however, the successful sale of a practice still needs to have that relationship between the seller, broker and purchaser to obtain the best outcome. Our service includes all marketing, preparation of a comprehensive sales memorandum, screening buyers, negotiation, , communications, advice, and working with lawyers and accountants through to completion. Our normal brokerage fees are from 3.5% of the Goodwill value achieved on a No sale-No fee basis.
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If you have a practice with a turnover greater than £950,000 (ex VAT) contact us now to ensure you achieve the best price in the current market.

Tel Malcolm 0793 9216174 or Contact

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Dec 01. 2018 Both CVS and vet4pets are showing a reduction in their share values-
In both cases, because they are on the stock market they have to be transparent and report the reasons behind any changes in their performance and the effects on projected profits. The other Non corporates are primarily owned by private equity investors and their financial position is far more difficult to interpret, however both Vet partners and IVC have had large cash inputs and changes of equity ownership over the last period.
Combined with Brexit we are in a very unstable situation, but the corporates are to an extent just showing what the majority of independent practice are also suffering, a vet shortage affecting growth and stability.

Nov 30. 208 Job site-
we have just launched a job site link with FREE Adverts through Indeed for veterinary practices.

Nov 2018 Fewer independent practices left!

Latest figures indicate that the corporate sector now own 65% of all Small Animal practices. Their rate of purchase is now slowing due to
  • The number of remaining practices that suit their criteria
  • The shortage of vets.

The result is they are far more selective in their purchases, tending to avoid the smaller units with turnovers under £750k and going for the remaining larger practices.

The LA sector is being obtained at a slower rate, but is still continuing apace, but again they are becoming more selective.

The overall effect will almost certainly mean a reduction in the earlier high prices being paid over the last 18 months.
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