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"Are you considering selling your practice?"

Why not speak to The VBA? we offer a highly personal service with the aim of maximising the sale value of your practice and minimising the stress involved in selling.
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The value that is placed by a purchaser will be based upon the latest set of accounts, which could include any the lockdown periods, which could have an adverse effect on any values produced.This will obviously have to be presented in a fashion that allows for this to maximise the value

The VPV algorithm will still give a valuation, based on your last set of accounts, however any value paid by a buyer will be looking at what the future accounts will show.

Our advice, is to get a period of trading of at least 3 months normalised finances and project these over 12 months to get a more accurate indicator of its potential.
We can undertake this more thoroughly through the vet practice values Premium valuation service.

Good profitable well managed practices of the right size and in the right location can still command a good price if the sale is handled in a professional way by a team the understands the veterinary market. There are new equity groups from abroad looking to get into the UK market and pay a premium price if the practice fits their requirements.

To discuss the options available in the present market speak to Malcolm at the VBA without any obligations.

Tel Malcolm 0793 9216174 or Contact

What can we offer?
Traditional sales service This combines a practice visit to obtain background and financial information. that allows us to undertake the practice valuation. This utilises telephone support throughout the marketing and sales process. Contact us
Digital sales service - that utilises Zoom to allow face to face digital communication between the sellers and ourselves, and the potential buyers and ourselves from the initial enquiry through to completion. Utilising this service reduces our costs and resultant fees Request a Zoom consultation. (starts September 2020)
Algorithm based digital goodwill valuation service, either the Free service or the Standard valuation service.

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What is a practice valuation?

  • It is an estimate of the value that a purchaser will pay for your practice.

  • When a potential buyer offers to value your practice, they will give you exactly that.

  • The value (price) they are prepared to pay may appear very tempting.

  • What you won't get is the maximum value they would be prepared to pay or the price another purchaser may be prepared to offer.

  • Remember you will only sell your practice once, so get it right first time.

Speak to Malcolm Wright mal@thevba 07939216174 or contact

Try out the VBA'S FREE valuation tool.
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For a free no obligation Digital consultation (via Zoom)
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