Sole Trader Sales Service

Although we primarily deal with the sales of larger practices, if you have a practice that may not be of interest to a corporate buyer, eg. sales below £700k, location or profitability we may still one able to help you with our advertising service.

As I have stated before 95% of practices with a turnover of over £700k will be sold to a corporate entity. Occasionally they will purchase smaller units if the location fits their plans, but in the majority of cases these smaller practices will have to be sold to non-corporate buyers which requires a different approach.
When you sell as a sole trader you will be selling the assets, the goodwill, equipment and property. Any liabilities will be your responsibility, which effectively means you will have to clear off any debts. Selling as a sole trader is less costly (ie legal and accountants fees) as you are dealing simply with the sale of the practice assets, which includes the goodwill.

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What we can offer-

We can offer a comprehensive advertising service for your practice - 
To find out more Tel: 07939216174 and speak directly to Malcolm or Email:
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