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The Broker
Q12 Aug 2018 " I have approached an accountancy firm specialising in Veterinary business development to help value and develop my practice to make it more saleable , their fees seem high but they are a national firm with lots of practices on their books, will it be worth spending the money?" PS SW England

A: Well, it all depends! specialising in veterinary practice isn't just about account management
You should ask the following questions before laying out your money on consulants.

1. What will they charge to value the practice and what will that valuation be based upon.
2. Have the people concerned ever owned and physically managed a practice?
3. Have they ever developed a successful practice of their own?

If their valuation is low- then increasing its value and selling it on shouldn't be difficult for them in the present market band you may well be paying for this yourself.

My advice is try a few different companies that have veterinary practice experience and compare the costs and service they can provide and then make a decision.