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Q13 "Should I use a Benchmark report to reassess my price list. CA NE England

A: Benchmarking can be useful as a tool to see whether you stand with your fees. Having 300 practices from all over the country may not be of much use as Jo Bloggs in Truro, Fred Smith in London and Jamie MCvet in Inverness will all have three different client bases with differing expectations, different levels of service and competition. What you need to know is what YOUR competitors are charging for it to be of any use. Bench marking is usually for shopped services, spays, vaccines etc. For specific procedures it is difficult to benchmark with any relevance. Charging £250 for a bitch spay because that is the Report average, when your competitors are charging £150 may not be good business.

Pick up the phone and find out what each competitor charges over a couple of days- prefix your number by 141 to hide where the call is coming from!