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The Broker
Q14 "I am surrounded by corporate practices and feel like Colonel Custer in his last stand, my turnover is not very good and the corporates do not seem interested in buying, what shall I do" JH. Scotland

A: Looking at your practice, you are surrounded by a corporate practice with three sites employing a total of 15 vets. Your sales and profits are well below the average expected of a practice this size. If it was based upon just the figures the practice is not very saleable, but you are in a great location, visible, passing traffic and a property that offers lots of space. While you continue with a low turnover the corporates are not bothered as you will have very little effect on them, however if the turnover started to increase I think you would see a very different reaction. Obviously a lot is dependent upon what you want to do, if you are at a stage where you feel you can't really put that level of effort in then trying to sell would be best. The practice would offer a rare opportunity for a young ambitious vet who wants to own their own practice (There are still ones out there).
You will not get a huge figure but it is worth considering trying to sell.