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Q: MM- Midlands - "I am thinking of selling my 4 vet practice myself- can you give me one reason why I should use a broker?" Answer
Q: SE NW England- "I am a sole trader and am considering selling my practice. I have been advised of the tax benefits of incorporating, should I do that before selling?" Answer

Q: LJ- M25 England- "I have an established small animal practice which I have run single handed for the last six years. My turnover (ex VAT) was £339,000 last year, with a net profit of £94,000. About 6 months ago a pet supermarket in house practice opened within 1 mile of my surgery. Will this destroy any chance of selling my practice for a reasonable price?"

Q: WM- Central Midlands- "I am thinking of selling my 3 vet SA practice, w
ho should I sell to?" Answer

Q: JS- Midlands- "I keep hearing about EBITDA what is it used for
?" Answer

Q: SW- SW England "I have been approached by a corporate with an offer to buy my practice, which looks very attractive, should I engage a broker or accountant to deal with the offer
?" Answer

Q: MJ- Wales - "I own a mainly SA practice with a T/O of £850,000. My assistant who has worked for me for 5 years wishes to buy my practice, because the corporates keep enquiring whether I want to sell and I have heard that the prices paid are very good I am not sure what to do, can you help?"
Q: WS- Midlands - "I have been made an offer of over £900,000 for my 4 vet SA practice, I am a sole trader, the corporate group who did this, approached me directly and after seeing my accounts, made the offer. It seems really good as I wasn't expecting as much. Should I take it and move on or ask a professional agent to help?" Answer
Q: GW - NW - "I have been made what I consider a very good offer for my practice, the full offer is conditional on the practice performing to a certain level over the next 3 years. Do you think I should accept this?" Answer
Q: WW - SE - "I am thinking of selling my practice, I employ 18 staff and have two surgeries. What are the major problems that may come my way?" Answer
Q: NM - Scotland - "I incorporated my practice 3 years ago, however I am unsure of what exactly I am selling, shares or goodwill when the time comes?" Answer
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