Developing a selling strategy with the VBA

What is the biggest invoice you have charged for your practice services £1,000, £3,000, £5,000 or £10,000? - did your skill and experience justify your bill?

What about an invoice of £1,300,000 – are you used to selling something of that value and have you the skill and experience to make sure you get the maximum value for your practice?

What if you got £2,000,000 for that same practice? Could that be due the experience of preparation, presentation, negotiation and guiding the sale process?

Ask yourself the following

Question- Should I prepare the practice for sale myself with my own skills?
Pros it will save you some fees.

______Will I regret not getting a higher price in 12 months’ time.
______Will I regret having to continue to run the practice at the same time as managing the sales process for the 6-8 months it may take?
______Will I feel comfortable dealing with a team that has the experience of purchasing 1-2 practices per week


The market at the moment is very fluid with high prices being obtained for good practices whether sole trader and limited companies.

Making a decision now could ensure your practice sale is completed within the next 9 months and you can look forward to a secure future.

At the VBA we will usually value the practice for sale based upon the current financial years performance, even if you are only 3-4 months into it. This ensures the sale is based upon real time rather than historic figures. We have the skills to present this to the major corporates in a fashion they are used to dealing with.
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