• No sale-no commission fee.
  • We act only for sellers.
  • We offer a personal service based upon experience.

Contact us and we will outline how we can help you sell your practice
telephone Malcolm on 07939216174

  • We are happy without and obligation to meet up to discuss your position and the potential value of your practice and explain what we have to offer including our terms of business.

  • Most direct indicative offers are based upon raw accounts hence, we will ensure the indicative offers obtained by the VBA will be on balanced and supported financial and commercial information, to maximise the realisable sale price.

  • If you have received an unsolicited offer speak to us and see how we can help improve the value of your offer.

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Full Brokerage Sales Service


On receipt of your accounts, we will undertake a site visit, at a time that maintains confidentiality.

We will indicate the potential sales value of your practice.

We will prepare an extensive sales memorandum which includes video/images, demographics, plus the additional information required by corporates to allow potential buyers to offer a higher end price in the first instance.

We will contact potential buyers.

We will deal with all enquiries and indicative offers
and in conjunction with yourself we will select preferred bidders

We will arrange and attend any visits by the preferred bidders.

will handle all further negotiations and evaluate and review all final offers received, and report them to you.

On acceptance of any offer we will draw up a Heads of Terms between the parties.

We will support you in conjunction with your legal team and accountants throughout the Due diligence process through to completion. 

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Contact us on the VBA website
Either telephone us on 07939216174 for a provisional discussion, or visit the VBA website and complete the enquiry form (this will allow you to give some basic information prior to having a preliminary discussion) and we will contact you at a time convenient to yourself.
Send Financial and Background Information
After our initial discussion we will ask that you send us copies of your practice accounts and a completed Veterinary Practice Sales Information Form - these can be downloaded or sent to you by post.
completed and returned by post (or undertaken On line ) we will be in a position to produce a ballpark figure for the practice value. We will also discuss our fees for the sale.
In many cases we will meet potential clients to discuss your position and give a view on what we have to offer including our terms of business.

There are no charges made for this and you are not under any obligation to continue.

Once we have come to an agreement on our services- .
We undertake a site visit - This will allow us to obtain additional information about the practice.(We understand the need for discretion in regard to staff during the visit.) At this stage we will require you to sign a sales contract with the VBA
Your Responsibilities
You must get an EPC (Energy performance certificate), for the property if you are selling or leasing it. We can advise on companies who undertake this.
b) You will also need to get a property valuation undertaken to allow us to use a market value for the sale or rent. (This can often be undertaken by a local estate agent FOC)
Post Visit
a) Once we have agreed on a minimum achievable Sales Price we will begin marketing the practice.
b) We will produce area Income demographics to give additional buyer information.
c) We will contact potentially interested parties before advertising the practice
d) We will normally advertise the practice (Confidentially) on our Website and in the Veterinary journals.
e) We will deal with all enquiries
f) We will give you the names of any interested parties for you to check.
g) Any potential buyers must then sign a Confidentiality Agreement and Non- disclosure agreement
h) Once this has been undertaken we will send them a Shortened Memorandum of Sales- this will give background information but will only give very limited financial information without identifying the practice.
i) If a potential purchaser wishes to progress their interest, in most cases we will then arrange a practice visit which we will attend.
j) Interested buyers will then receive a Full Sales Memorandum - which will contain all the background information on the practice including demographics and further financial information.
a) We will handle all negotiations and evaluate and review all offers received, and report them to you.
b) We will assist in negotiating any employment offer if that is part of the terms.
c) Once you accept an offer, we will draw up a Heads of Terms between the parties - We would produce this with an agreed exclusivity period while the purchaser undertakes any due diligence.
Instruct your professional representatives
a) You will need to instruct a solicitor to deal with the sale contract and property aspects..
b) Your accountants will have to handle the financial due diligence- in incorporated practice sales we will be involved with this also.
Exchange contracts
On exchange, the sale contracts are signed and the sale is legally binding. Exchange may occur prior to or in conjunction with the completion date.
a) Stock is usually valued on or just prior to completion-the monies are forwarded to your solicitors account.
b) With incorporated sales a final balance sheet is undertaken to allow any final payment it take place
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To find out more Tel: 07939216174 and speak directly to Malcolm or Email: mal@thevba.com
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