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We offer practice owners or purchasers an online algorithm that can be used to estimate the goodwill value of a veterinary practice.

To obtain a projected valuation range for the goodwill, we utilise similar financial information that the Corporates base for their Non-contractual indicative offers to practice owners.

The goodwill of your practice will be a major factor in the value of your practice, and it is essential to maximise its value to get the best price when you come to sell

The new algorithm will be live from the beginning of October 2023

There are many reasons why you might want to determine the value of your veterinary practice.

• You may have been approached to sell by a corporate or private individual - you need to know your practices value before selling.

• You may wish to sell the practice yourself - you need to understand the goodwill value and its part in the sale value.

• You may want to make an informed decision on what you are going to do in the future . The valuation will indicate your financial position.

• You may want to take on a loan- your bank will need to know how much money they can lend on the value of your practice.

• You may be thinking of retiring and need to know your financial position before this takes place.

• You may want to take on a new investor/partner.

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