The practice broker

The Broker

Q:” I am I looking to sell my 4 vet SA unit, do you think I should wait for the stock market to stabilise? KMM SE England -Answer
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Q:” I have been involved with selling my practice to a corporate, after 8 months of work they suddenly withdrew their offer, shall I look to another corporate as my broker has suggested or what? KW East England -Answer
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Q:” We have had to increase our fees markedly in the last 12 months to compensate for
increased assistant’s salaries. We now seem to be getting a large number of
complaints about the increased charges, and I am worried about clients leaving the
practice. TR Greater Manchester -Answer

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Q:” I want to protect myself from my assistants putting up their plate in opposition. I have been advised that a restrictive covenant may not be legally binding, what else can I do??”
RGT. West Midlands -Answer
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Q:” How can I sell a Practice that the corporates are not interested in purchasing?” FP. Scotland -Answer
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Q: “I am surrounded by corporate practices and feel like Colonel Custer in his last stand, my turnover is not very good and the corporates do not seem interested in buying, what shall I do?” JH. Scotland – Answer
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Q1: “Should I use a Benchmark report to reassess my price list. CA NE England- Answer
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Q: ” I have approached an accountancy firm specialising in Veterinary business development to help develop my practice to make it more saleable , their fees seem high but they are a national firm with lots of practices on their books, will it be worth spending the money?” PS SW England – Answer
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Q: ” When should we tell our staff we are selling the practice?” AW Midlands England – Answer
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Q: ” I am having difficulty selling my practice, the corporates do not seem interested, what shall I do next?” DT Northern England – Answer
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Q:”I have had an indicative offer from a corporate for my practice, does this mean that is exactly what I will receive if I accept ? PP N.W. England – Answer
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Q”What costs are we likely to incur relating to the sale?” CA E. Midlands England – Answer
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Q “I have been made an offer of £900,000 for my 4 vet SA practice, I am a sole trader, the corporate group who did this, approached me directly and after seeing my accounts, made the offer. It seems really good as I wasn’t expecting as much. Should I take it and move on or ask a professional agent to help?” WS- Midlands Answer
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Q “I am a sole trader and am considering selling my practice. I have been advised of the tax benefits of incorporating, should I do that before selling?” SE NW England-Answer
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Q “I have an established small animal practice which I have run single handed for the last six years. My turnover (ex VAT) was £339,000 last year, with a net profit of £94,000. About 6 months ago a pet supermarket in house practice opened within 1 mile of my surgery. Will this destroy any chance of selling my practice for a reasonable price?” LJ – M25 England Answer
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Q “I am thinking of selling my 3 vet SA practice, who should I sell to?” Answer
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Q “I keep hearing about EBITDA what is it used for?” Answer
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Q “I have been approached by a corporate with an offer to buy my practice, which looks very attractive, should I engage a broker or accountant to deal with the offer?” Answer
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Q “I own a mainly SA practice with a T/O of £850,000. My assistant who has worked for me for 5 years wishes to buy my practice, because the corporates keep enquiring whether I want to sell and I have heard that the prices paid are very good I am not sure what to do, can you help?” Answer
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Q: ” How can I sell a Practice that the corporates are not interested in purchasing?” -Answer