Instructions on Use

Instruction on using the Algorithm

All the following information should be available in your latest P&L accounts

1. Print out the Help sheet complete the data input sheet and print out once completed

2. Select the "Start Valuation button.

3. Select Limited company and then press Valuation button.

4. On account Information screen start inputting - select practice sector.

5. Input the end date for the last financial year -press on red calendar and press on left side of the grey bar to allow you to move back each month.

6. Input the net profit - do NOT USE £ SIGN.

7. Select catchment area most suited to where the practice obtains it client base from.

8. Select the number of Full time vets. Make up part time vets into full time units-see help sheet.

9. Input the turnover for the last financial year.- again do not use £'s. decimal places or commas eg 976002,

10.Select the expected % growth for the current year. The most accurate way is shown in the help sheet para 7 where you combine year to date % with expected % over the next period and produce an average %. You select this % increase in the input box.

11. Then classify the level of practice equipment.

12. Move onto next screen Cost Information.

13. Input the directors remuneration inc salary, NI payments pensions etc .

14. Costs of family members- This relates to the total costs (inc NI) of family members who will not be employed post acquisition.

15. Input Finance costs - interest, HP etc .

16. Estimated costs of replacing family members. If they were overpaid or underpaid input the estimated market rate employment costs of replacing them if required to maintain the function of the practice. Inc, NI etc .

17. Input the number of working directors only if working as vets. If they have any other job eg Director is practice manager/accountant they should be included cost of family members and replaced if required .

18. Input any depreciation and amortisation if shown in the P&L.

19. State Non recurring costs, These are a one off cost in the P& L eg roof repair, replacement of window etc.

20. Directors/family personal benefits cost eg mobile phones, car costs, insurance, CPD trips vets/nurses.

21. Page 3 details are quite straightforward, we require email addresses and names to send the valuation reports.

On Completion you will receive a short profitability report - from this you can select to purchase a full valuation range report or leave the site.

You can go back to check out your inputs while the screen is present by pressing the Back key- On the top left menu of your computer browser After this there are "previous buttons" on the bottom left to go back on.

How to make payments.

Payment is made by credit car through the site